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About GFSL

Set up to provide FM services in prison

Gov Facility Services Limited (GFSL) was launched in February 2018 to provide facility maintenance services to prisons across the South of England.

GFSL are a not-for-profit company working closely with Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), to deliver a range of facility services, including statutory and mandatory planned maintenance, reactive repair, cleaning, stores operation and Project works.

Their core objective is to support HMPPS in providing a safe working environment and maintaining and improving the physical infrastructure of their prisons. GFSL only work in prisons run by HMPPS.

Delivering services in Prisons is challenging, but rewarding. GFSL teams enable a key part of the Justice system to work: allowing people to be housed securely and safely while in prison.

GFSL also help the Prison Service reduce reoffending by providing opportunities for prisoners to develop skills and gain work experience. We currently support over a million hours per year of work by prisoners across the 49 prisons we maintain.

GFSL objectives and strategy summary

The Business Strategy is to establish GFSL to become a reliable, safe, trusted and efficient business that can underpin the core operations of the Southern prison estate. We will work with our client to address the existing areas of under performance, improve services and proactively support HMPPS initiatives.

Our core focus centres around four key areas:

Safety - our focus is to keep everyone safe. We work to establish an environment with strong moral responsibilities and control for Health & Safety and Technical Compliance.

Reliability - we want to be recognised for delivering a reliable and trusted service with a strong performance-based culture. We will be open and honest with our customers.

Efficiency - we aim to deliver services in the most cost-effective manner in order to maximise the value from our allocated budgets.

Our People - we recognise our people are key to success. We will develop and offer them opportunities to achieve their personal potential.

For more information about Gov Facility Services Limited, please visit their website here: