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Why Recruitment is the Perfect Career for Graduates

3 August 2022 by Alyssa O'Brien-Ewart

With the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing university also comes the feeling of fear over what happens next. All those hours studying and what happens if you can’t put that degree to use? It can be hard to know which path to take, but finding a career that’s right for you may be easier than you thought. All the skills that you have learnt throughout your time at university without even realising – teamwork, organisation, communication – are exactly what makes a good recruiter! 

So, what is Recruitment? 

In simple terms, recruitment is the process of finding suitable candidates and matching them with employers. It’s all about building long lasting and trusted relationships with clients and candidates, which requires both excellent communication skills and having the industry knowledge to back it up. As a recruiter you will be in charge of finding, attracting, interviewing, and hiring suitable candidates for your clients.  

At Build Recruitment (Build), we take pride in providing highly skilled candidates to rewarding employers using a tailored approach to ensure that each relationship we create will be a successful one. Finding the right person first time, every time, we deliver people capable of making an impact from day one. At Build you will grow your strengths, with a team of recruiters around you to help you gain both the knowledge and confidence you need to build your own relationships with clients. 

Career Progression 

If you are looking to start a career in recruitment, we offer a 12-week training programme where you will learn the key skills needed to succeed in the competitive world of recruiting, from managing candidates to developing client relationships. Our Build Recruitment Academy gives you a clear progression path from day one with the training and mentoring support to help you achieve your short-term goals and long-term ambitions. 

At Build Recruitment we believe in creating an environment where you can take real ownership of your career development, and earnings; a place where success is based on results, not length of service. With a flexible approach to working, fun and hard work go hand in hand at Build.  

If recruitment sounds like something you would be interested in then why not apply for our Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultant role! 

If you're interested in a career or apprenticeship with us, or would like some more information, please contact Tamara Barnard at or 02031 764 790.