Four Things to Consider When Job Searching

6 May 2022 by Hannah McCloud

Looking for a job can be many things; exciting, challenging, stressful. You know what role you are looking for and what suits you. But what else is there to think about?


Benefits- What is important to you?

Of course, your salary is an important aspect in whether a job is right for you or not, but there is a lot more to consider when scrolling through different roles.

There are benefits such as healthcare, holiday allowance, flexible working that should all be compared and considered.

Location is a benefit too, ask yourself, is that one hour commute something you want to do every day? Would you like something within walking distance?

Look further than your day-to-day responsibilities and picture yourself in that role. Does it work for you?


Development – Is there opportunities for growth?

If you want to develop your skills and climb the career ladder. Ask - It’s a simple as that, ask when being interviewed or use websites like Glassdoor.com to see what employees are saying about that company and its opportunities.

There’s plenty of ways to find out information about a prospective job/company, so use the resources you have!


Nothings Personal

It’s easy to take things to heart when things don’t go how you might have hoped. Most jobs receive tens, hundreds, or even thousands of applicants, so just because you didn’t get this job, doesn’t mean there’s not something else out there.

Remember keep applying, stay positive, and you’ll find that perfect job for you!


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