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Coronavirus Resources

2 November 2020 by Mitch O'Brien
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UPDATE: As the UK approaches a second lockdown, we want to make sure this guide is visible to all in the industry and contains up-to-date advice from all outside sources. Although construction is set to remain open this month, we do indeed hope that all industries remain positive and manage to survive these hard times. Please find a list of advice from external sites, as well as our list of job seeker advice for anyone who may have been affected during 2020. 


We’ve been doing some research this week on how to stay busy at home, look after your mental health and get support when needed. Whilst a lot of this can be found on the government website, we want to ensure that for any of you who are worried about your employment during these times, we have a list of resources from our own archives.

Official Guidance

The Government is constantly updating their guidance and you will find all necessary steps and advice in their official article here: COVID-19

Staying Connected

Whilst video calling is becoming the new normal, it does relay an important message; staying inside alone is hard. Please do reach out to others if you are alone, or to anyone you know that may be alone.

Our staff can always be reached at the end of their phones if you need someone to contact.

Your Mental Health

If you are worried about the coronavirus (COVID-19), and how it may affect your mental health, please have a look through Mind’s guidance that can be found here: Mind – Coronavirus & your wellbeing.

Your Employment

As the government releases more information about the job retention scheme and advice for those affected, you can find guidance on their website. If you are an employee, employer or business, click here for the official guidance: - guidance for employees, employers and businesses

Whilst our approach is continually evolving and we are contacting relevant workers directly, you should contact if you have any specific questions.

Our Guides

We have many great pieces of advice from our consultants on our insights page. If you are looking for work or considering a change, have a look through our CV advice guides; or if you have an interview coming up, you can find our preparation guides including tips on video interviews.

CV Advice:

Creating (or updating) a CV during this time is something we would advise everyone to do. Here are some of our guides for setting up a great profile and being found online:

Creating a Winning CV

Common CV Mistakes

Advertising Yourself Online

Job Seeking Tips:

Whether you are actively looking for a new role, or just keeping your eye out for something different, here’s our advice for searching:

Tips for Passive Job Seekers

Four Things to Consider when Searching

Three Tips for Job Searching

Interview Preparation:

Whilst most face-to-face interviews have been rescheduled, we have many tips here on how to nail them, whether it’s a video interview or an in-person meeting when the lockdown is over:

Tips for Interview Success

Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

Five Red Flags & How to Spot Them

Four Things You Shouldn’t Do

Video Interview Tips

You can find many more blogs and guides online here: Our Insights

We hope all of you remain safe and look forward to working with you under more normal circumstances in the not-so-distant future. Please do reach out to us if you need any advice, have any questions or just want a friendly chat!