3 Tips For Passive Job Seekers

3 January 2020 by Kieran McLoone

Some people settle for their current job: it offers benefits, satisfaction, and an attractive salary to boot. Even in this position, though, strive for more.

In a job market that is constantly evolving and introducing new roles and opportunities, how can you stay in prime position to find a better role?

Keeping tabs on jobsites and maintaining a strong, varied network of professional contacts is always advisable; but finding the perfect job takes more than just receiving an email.

Here’s how you keep your options open:  

Broaden Your Skills

Looking at descriptions for positions you’re interested in is very useful. Especially on sites like LinkedIn – where you can see what attributes employees have – you can identify what you might be lacking and work on improving your skillset.

This doesn’t necessarily mean applying for jobs. Keep your finger on the pulse and compile a list of attainable skills that make you a more attractive candidate – whether to employers seeking fresh faces, or recruiters. 

Attend workshops and classes, too. There are plenty of training networks around – some even free!

Refocus on the Big Picture

Seeking out new opportunities is hard work, and if you’ve got a good thing going at your current company, then starting elsewhere can be an intimidating prospect.

But think back to what you sought before starting your current role. Have you achieved your goals? Are you engaging the skills you advertised as your best? By looking at what else is out there, you’ll be able to reaffirm what it is you actually want from your job.

Be Ready for Anything

There’s no knowing when things can suddenly shake-up. Companies can be bought out, roles regularly change, and you might find yourself suddenly being a big fish in an uncomfortably small pond.  

If you keep an eye on what else is out there, it means you’ll be prepared for anything. Maintaining a list of potential employers or job titles makes the eventual search for something new all the less daunting.

When it comes to taking the leap, check out our pointers on job searching and interviews. In an increasingly dynamic employee landscape, make sure you’re always ahead of the curve.