Tips for Interview Success

7 January 2020 by Kieran McLoone

If you’ve been called in for an interview, that means you’re already ahead of potentially hundreds of other candidates. Well done!

Here at Build Recruitment, we’ve found that vacancies attract, on average, 40 CVs. Sometimes, this number can be as high as 1,000. Only four to six of these individuals are then brought in to interview.

So how do you go about completing the next step, and earn the job?

Priority one is research. Lots of it.

There’s nothing worse than turning up to an interview with little to no idea of what the company actually does. It makes you look uninterested.

Research terminology, industry-specifics, and potentially even the hierarchy – if available. The main goal is to go in with a foundation of understanding you can then build upon.

Remember: you’re interviewing the company as much as they are you.

Look the part.

It’s important to remember that not every position is the same. A suit or smart shirt for an office environment is typically a must, but the same might not be true for more hands-on roles.

Gauge what kind of clothing is appropriate, and prepare in advance. If you know people in a similar field to what you’ve applied for, ask them what they would wear. First impressions count, and the way you dress is an easy indicator of whether you should be there.

Introduce yourself with a firm handshake.

Speaking of first impressions; there’s few things more uncomfortable than a weak handshake. Introduce yourself properly with confidence, and you’ll immediately get on the interviewer’s good side.

It’s said that 55% of communication is body language, so make sure to get yours right.

On arrival, be yourself.

It’s easy to see through a façade. Often, your own personality will be much better than a fictitious one. Charisma, approachability, and a friendly demeanour go a long way towards convincing others that you’re fit for the job.

Pre-interview nerves are common, but these can only be lessened by attending as many as you can and practicing the etiquette. Attend as many interviews as you can, and get information about what kind of role is best for you – more info about that here.

So get your foot in the door, and turn your interview into your new career.

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