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Three Key Tips When Jobsearching

10 January 2020 by Kieran McLoone

51% of the employed workforce are actively seeking – or open to – a new job. But how do you go about sifting through all the opportunities out there?

Before you go running into a new role, here are a few steps to consider:

Take time to figure out what you really want

Candidates tend to take the first job offered to them – for security, fear, and a whole host of other reasons. Slow down. It’s highly recommended that you take the time to step back and look at what your skills are, and how you can solve an issue an employer might be having.

What are you good at doing? What experience do you have? How can you benefit a team? By working out the answers to these questions, you can make yourself a more attractive option.

42% of professionals are uncomfortable negotiating salary. Instead, do your research and work out what you’re worth.

Take a wider approach to your job search

Most of us look at our skills and try and match those to a role. But restricting yourself is never helpful; look at how your varied experiences can work in a new environment.

Go out of your way to learn new skills and broaden your abilities. Networking events can expose you to previously unknown opportunities, and training schemes could prove beneficial in the long run. Make it so any employer couldn’t afford to not hire you.

Get ready to answer why you left your previous job

There’s no reason to justify yourself on a CV – with the limited space you have, explaining why you’re no longer employed elsewhere is just eating into words that could be used to make you look essential.

That doesn’t mean it never needs addressing, though. For when you secure an interview, you need to be able to answer any question the employer might throw at you – including gaps in employment or abrupt endings.

If you can be prepared, open-minded, and communicative, you’ll give yourself the best chance at securing your next role.