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Success Stories: Charlotte Stagg

23 January 2020 by Tamara Barnard
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At the end of Charlotte Stagg's first year in recruitment, she sits down with Tamara Barnard, our People & Key Account director, to talk about her journey with Build Recruitment!

As part of our BR Academy, Charlotte joined us from a non-recruitment background and is now truly embedded in the Facilities Management team! You can find the full video on our LinkedIn page here: See the video interview.

Charlotte, tell us about your journey so far.

I joined Build in January 2019 with a few of my other colleagues as part of the In house Training Academy, Which was really good! We were here on the training course for 6 weeks before heading out onto a desk. I joined the FM team on the blue-collar side Doing both temp and perm, which I love!  It’s so busy and I really enjoy it.

Do you think to be a recruitment consultant that you need to have a recruitment background?

Definitely not! I didn’t have any recruitment experience when I first joined here. I interviewed at a few places but as soon as I came here, and saw the training academy, I knew I would definitely come here.  All the in-house training provided before I went out on the desk was amazing and also, all the support I’ve had off everyone on my team has been really good. Even other staff will always help, I’ve been out on client visits with members of other teams and they’ve been so supportive!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career in recruitment?

I think definitely do it. I think some people might be scared if they’ve not done it before, which is why I didn’t do it for a little while, but you get out what you put in and it is long hours, but if you’re a sociable person and you enjoy working hard and you enjoy the rewards you get, it’s definitely worth it.

The incentives we have here definitely make you work harder! You don’t mind staying that extra few hours later or coming in that bit earlier because you’re going skiing in the winter or you’re going Barcelona or Marbella in the Summer so incentives like that definitely make it worth it. 

What’s a typical day at Build Recruitment like?

Each day is really different, which I think is what most people enjoy about recruitment, but your standard day would be giving quick calls to all your temps on site, courtesy calls to clients to make sure everyone has settled in, that any engineers that have arrived on site have been inducted.

You might have client meetings; I usually have 1 or 2 per week or candidates coming in to register. In a full 360-degree recruitment role, there will be a bit of business development, sourcing new candidates, arranging registrations. Anything could happen! We’ve also had open days, a whole day of engineers visiting Build to register. Every day really is different!

What’s been your highlight so far at Build?

Highlight for me I would say is giving me the confidence to bring on new clients, go to meetings on my own, whereas before, the thought would scare me. It’s given me confidence and it’s taught me so much more that at the start of the year I didn’t know. It’s taught me a whole new well, a whole new career really! It’s made me very happy.

What was your first impression of Build Recruitment was when you walked through the door?

My first impression of Build Recruitment, well it sounds really cliché, but everyone was just really nice! The first day can be quite daunting but everyone came in to introduce themselves, we went for a whole company lunch, even just walking through the corridors people would stop me and say “If you need anything, just let me know”. Everyone here is so welcoming and you really feel as though you fit in.

How do you feel about the training and progression we offer at Build?

The training I was given was really good. The whole course was for around 6-8 weeks. A mix being classroom training and learning on desk, we went through the whole recruitment process. From sourcing, qualifying, and interviewing job seekers, then moving on to clients and jobs themselves!

Thank you so much Charlotte for talking through your journey at Build so far! I just want to say if you like what you Hear and you’re interested in a career at Build Recruitment, then please get in touch. The number here is 0203 176 4790. Please ask for me, Tamara!