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Recruiting: Face-to-Face

13 January 2020 by Mitch O'Brien
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In a landscape of LinkedIn and WhatsApp, it’s easy to rely on technology to source candidates and build the relationships that will result in successful placements. But ignoring face-to-face meetings can be a disastrous mistake.

Generally, younger generations are apprehensive to reply to the bombardment of recruiting emails and phone calls that are hurled at them; especially towards the end of the year, when graduations take place and the job market expands.

This stigma can be hard to overcome, but a straightforward place to start is to attend in-person events such as networking seminars or higher-education workshops. This leaves a clear impression – much more than a throwaway inMail might.

Express Yourself

We’ve spoken previously about how 55% of communication is down to body language. You can’t properly understand how somebody is reacting to what you’re saying over the phone; you miss the micro expressions, the stance, and can even misinterpret intonation.

By meeting a client or candidate in-person, you get a much fuller view of how they’re feeling about what you’re offering them. And, likewise, they’d be more likely to trust you when you can’t hide down the end of a landline.

Online Misinterpretation

Your online presence should, in theory, be an accurate representation of you. But for most of us, this isn’t always the case.

It’s easy to elaborate or exaggerate our personal lives on social media, and the same can (but shouldn’t) be done for your professional life.

By meeting in-person, natural conversation can give you a much clearer view of someone’s integrity. This isn’t always negative; a candidate might mention something they forgot to put on their CV, for example, which ends up being the one thing that propels them above others to secure a role.

Emotional Contagion

Happiness and positivity are infectious. Not just in what you say – a welcoming outward demeanour is a great way to bring others round to your way of thinking.

By meeting a candidate or client, you can show, literally, that you’re a reliable person to interact with. And in a sector largely built on personal brands, this kind of face time is invaluable.  


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