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Advertising Yourself Online

5 January 2020 by Mitch OBrien
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Searching for a job can be a daunting process, often confusing. Starting with an online search, you will find a variety of sites. How do you know which is best for you?  


Generic Job Boards 

Putting your CV onto the generic job boards is a good place to start. Sites such as CV-Library, & TotalJobs offer a large amount of job listings and support. You’ll spot them at the top of your search, so don’t hesitate to have a flick through. 

You will find a variety of jobs and be able to narrow them down with ease to find exactly what you want, whether you are full or part time. Sorting by location, salary or hourly rate and contract length, you’ll find many suitable roles that fit your criteria. 

You can also give permission to companies and agencies to find your CV and contact you with the right opportunities – all free of charge. This allows agencies like us to contact you when the ideal job comes up. 


Specialist Job Boards 

If you don’t want to sift through the saturation of the larger sites, finding niche job board or registering with an agencdirectly is a much quicker and concentrated idea. You’ll have to skip past the first few search results, but putting your CV onto sites like RICS Recruit, Just Engineers or Build Recruitment will help you get in touch with the people that specialise in your role type, ensuring expert help when looking for that perfect opportunity.   



Although LinkedIn is primarily a social media platform, the professional network has over 500 million members worldwide and is growing daily. Having a presence on LinkedIn is great for researching companies and for keeping an eye on trends within your industry.  

Your profile is also a neat way to keep your employment history up to date. Adding companies and role changes, along with your key achievements is a great way to collect all your information. You can even download your whole profile in a CV format!  

Once you’re set up, have a look in your settings for an ‘Open to opportunities’ switch. This will notify employers that you are looking, and they can freely contact you regarding suitable roles. Don’t worry, you’ll only appear in relevant searches, so you won’t be inundated with messages.  


Using a Consultant 

We know that it’s a confusing world online, and sometimes you may feel lost during your search. Being able to pick up the phone and reach out to someone that understands your role can be a great help. All of our consultants run their own desks and are dedicated to helping you find work.  

Using an agency is free of charge for all job seekers, so there really is no reason not to call us. If you want to register with us or need any information, contact us here.