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What makes a great Smart Meter Engineer?

13 September 2019 by Nick Murcutt
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Everyone in Britain should be offered a smart meter by their supplier by 2020. With this, the supply for smart meter engineers will rise dramatically, meaning there are great opportunities for engineers to transition into a duel-fuel career!

Becoming a Smart Meter Engineer or Installer is the next step for any Gas or Electrical Engineer. As Smart Meters are designed to help customers understand their usage and take control of their spending, engineers will now be trained on how to fit new gas and electric meters into homes and businesses, maintain and repair them, explain how they work, and offer impartial advice on using energy.

The typical installation involves visiting the premises to remove existing meters, before fitting and testing new smart meters. You’ll then need to explain to the customer how their meter works. This can involve changing between there daily and weekly spends, connecting to their Wi-Fi networks, and letting them know that the readings will be taken automatically. You won’t have to sell any plans or appliances, just answer any questions they may have, and offer them advice on monitoring and optimising their energy consumption.

Smart Meters are expected to drive down consumption by highlighting usage in an easy to read, financially focused view. With the government’s target of 50 million installations by 2020, there will be huge associated financial and environmental benefits – and plenty of opportunities for Smart Meter Engineers, whether you are currently trained or looking to move into the duel fuel space!

Our Smart Meter Engineer Open Day

We are holding an Open Day on the 3rd October to offer career advice and opportunities to anyone looking to break into the Smart Meter space. With so many companies hiring, now is a great time to take a step up in your domestic engineering career!  

If you are interested in a career as a duel fuel engineer, please contact Nick Murcutt, Build Recruitment’s energy specialist, on 020 3434 4592 or