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Facilities Management: Going Digital

30 April 2019 by Hannah Tyler
Fm Going Digital

The impact of technology is evident in all industries and facilities management is no exception. 

As FM has grown as an industry, the strategy focus is shifting from being service-orientated to experience driven. Technological development is helping the people in the industry to make this shift and offer their customers improved business operations.
So, what trends can be predicted to turn FM, digital?

Cloud-Based Services

The growth in demand for IoT, including cloud-based services, is a major technological influencer. Using software offers heightened security, real time results, as well as improving data recovery. Not only that, adopting a cloud-based system can streamline integrated processes and is cost-effective. 

Artificial Intelligence

The conversation of technology trends cannot be approached without addressing Artificial Intelligence. AI can benefit countless activities within FM, from the automatic monitoring of the workplace, demand forecast testing in warehouses and using Big Data to complete safety audits. Overall, AI is set to progress cost savings and augment asset management. 

The Smart Workplace

Smart buildings with lights, windows and CCTV integrated into one building network are is increasingly common. Smart sensors can be used to regulate a buildings performance and give real-time information to when an issue or development is needed and can manage the internal temperature to create optimal energy usage, saving costs. 

BIM Technology

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. BIM is the process of creating and managing digital models of physical buildings and provides digital stimulations of all stages of the design and operations process. The technology has flourished in the FM sector, assisting Facilities Managers to make decisions concerning space utilisation and energy consumption. 
As with all these trends, a Facilities Manager needs to know how they can apply these IT developments internally and capitalise on any opportunities that opens the door to innovative technology. Making sure the right technology is chosen for the business is important to increase the added value to overall company operations. 
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