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Mitigating the Unknown Effects of Brexit

27 March 2019 by Hannah Tyler
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As the Brexit deadline looms, the uncertainty of how Brexit (if it happens) will fully impact our country’s workforce is still to be determined. 

With the latest figures showing that the average number of applications per job has fallen since Summer 2017, many businesses believe that their organisation will be further impacted.

So, what can we do about the unknown effects of Brexit?

Supporting the Workforce

EU Citizens should be protected under the withdrawal agreement but making sure that all employees are aware of the steps and fees needed to apply for a British Citizenship, settlement status or travel visa will help to reassure them. It is important for all businesses to keep up-to-date with any new information and communicate this to their employees accordingly. ​

As a UK worker, we have put together an advice guide. You can read it here

Retain Relationships

As a recruitment agency, developing and maintaining client relationships is key. Unfortunately, the possibility of a no-deal Brexit may result in companies putting recruitment on hold. Throughout these uncertain times, maintaining a positive relationship with good communication is more important than ever. As a recruitment business, we are using our market intelligence to report on trends, identify growth opportunities and partner with clients to develop longer-term strategies.

Inclusive Hiring

It is reported that EU workers are less likely to take UK-based jobs and we are already seeing the effects. Taking advantage of the UK's talent pool could be a beneficial outcome during this dubious period. Targets can still be achieved by influencing managers and workers to step out of their comfort zone and additionally result in utilising the many skills and talents already in this country.

Whatever the impacts of Brexit are on UK employment and the recruitment industry, the marketplace is to become even more competitive. The primary takeaway from this is to make sure that agile strategies are planned, and employees are supported through any changes.