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AI and Recruitment: Will Robots Take Over?

22 October 2018 by Kieran McLoone
Will Ai Take Over Recruitment Blog

Machine learning, deep learning, the Internet of Things – all these buzzwords are going to become more common as technology is integrated with the ways we work. And for recruitment, that could cause some concern. AI and Recruitment are going to collide in a major way.

There’s plenty of reasons why AI’s integration with the world of recruitment could ruffle some feathers. But should it? A streamlining of tasks might sound like one step from redundancy, but this reactionary take is misguided.

Industry 5.0

We’re currently moving into what business experts are calling Industry 5.0. Essentially, this marks the period in which AI technology is becoming heavily intertwined with our working lives. We need to change how we approach employment in order for this leap to work for us.

Many sectors that previously focused on process-heavy systems are now evolving to incorporate hospitality. Whereas a job as a Facilities Manager would previously mean upkeeping a building, for example, it’s now about ensuring the happiness of the staff within. This is because aspects of work like booking meetings and updating data can be completed autonomously by AI.

The Human Touch

All this talk of automation and removing manual processes might sound scary – if responsibility’s removed, what’s left for humans to actually do?

But the fact is that recruitment’s always been about people and relationships. Yes, systems are already available that shortlist candidates automatically, but the human touch of meeting a client for a coffee or walking a candidate through some interview preparation can’t be replicated by an AI; at least, not in our current time.

Why AI?

We can talk about why AI is going to have a larger role in recruitment, but it’s important to look at why this is a good thing.

  • Reducing Bias

You can’t teach an interviewer to ignore the ethnicity, age, or other protected characteristic of the candidate in front of them. Unconscious bias is an unfortunate staple of interpersonal relationships.

But with an AI, you can do just that. Candidate experience speaks for itself, and their personal background can be completely removed from the equation.

  • Improve Candidate Experience

We’ve probably all used an online Chatbot before – whether it’s an AI assistant on an online shopfront, or an automated voice down the end of a phone.

When used correctly, these kinds of assistants can maximise efficiency. Just imagine: an AI bot that makes the initial communication with candidates on your site, and collects all necessary information to create a profile on your database (with their consent, of course).

  • Focus on the Human Element

With everything else automated, recruiters can focus on building relationships with their prospective candidates. This allows the aforementioned hospitality to be at the forefront; learning what a candidate requires from a role, and how their recruiter can go about helping them secure the perfect fit.

So…Will Robots Take Over?

The short answer: no.

The integration with AI that recruitment is undergoing can only be seen as a positive. It removes the mundane admin tasks and instead allows the most important elements – candidate experience and business development – to come to the surface.


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