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Three Ways to Maximise Staff Retention

27 August 2018 by Kieran McLoone
Retention Blog

Finding the best people to join your team is all well and good, but if you can’t convince them to stay, then you’re just wasting valuable time and money. Retention is key, and it’s one of the biggest challenges employers face.

But how do you ensure your top performers don’t disappear to a more attractive position? First, it’s important to know the key reasons that staff look elsewhere:

  • Little development prospects
  • Clashes with other members of staff
  • Lack of feeling valued
  • Poor salary / benefits
  • Unsure of daily responsibilities

These are just a handful of potential reasons staff might leave a company, but they’re important to note – knowing them is the first step towards prevention.

So how should you go about preventing rapid turnover, and start retaining, right from an induction?

Provide a Realistic Idea of the Job

Anybody can sell a non-existent role. Promises about benefits and perks can be made, and creating the world’s best-sounding company culture isn’t the hardest task.

But what happens when everything isn’t as perfect as advertised? Well, new hires will clock on early and browse job sites for their next option. In an employment landscape where CVs can be sent with a few clicks, applying for something new is completely streamlined.

That’s why it’s crucial to not exaggerate a role too much to potential candidates, who will quickly discover that a job advert has been creative with the truth.  

Stick to the facts, and let an opportunity sell itself.

Establish Exactly What’s Expected from Day One

There’s nothing worse than being thrown in at the deep end. Support and guidance is important, regardless of the role.  

Millennials and their younger counterparts make up a huge chunk of the modern workforce, and it’s been documented that they value career trajectory and promotion potential over even the likes of salary.

Sit down with hires during the onboarding [LINK] process and lay out how they can achieve their goals and thrive within your company. Not only will this provide a clear pathway to success, but it will paint an accurate picture of why their role brings value.

Don’t Overburden Your Staff

This is an issue found particularly in smaller companies, where everybody does a little bit of everything to compensate for the lack of task-specific positions.

While having a hand in several aspects of a company can lead to feeling valued, it can very quickly veer into employee burnout. The best way to avoid this is to, like previously, set expectations straight. If a role will require some cross-department responsibility, then make sure your new hire is aware of this before their first day.

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