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Google for Jobs: Re-Imagining Recruitment

2 July 2018 by Mitch O'Brien
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Google for Jobs will change everything. It’s not a job board, but more an aggregation tool to collect and display vacancies from all over the web. Think Google, but for aspiring candidates. 

But what does this mean for jobseekers?

Essentially, everything just got that bit easier. Whereas you’d previously have to head to specific job websites and hunt down the best role within your specifications, Google for Jobs will present all of this information in one handy tool.


This means no more scouring the internet with multiple tabs open, desperately seeking that one, perfect role. Instead, you’ll be able to put in key words, set filters like upload date and distance, and then browse all the available options.

The application process is equally simple: each job title will have a selection of sources from which job boards it’s posted on, so you can go directly through which ever your preference is. This makes job hunting more personalised, and streamlined.


In the long-run, this all leads to a more accessible recruitment process. As long as job adverts are formatted correctly and contain all the relevant info, they’ll be picked up by Google and included within the Google for Jobs tool.

A UK release date is still unconfirmed, but we’ve managed to get a hands-on glimpse at the tool for ourselves – it’s very good, and definitely a game-changer when it comes to finding a new role. 

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