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What Makes a Great Resident Liaison Officer?

21 May 2018 by Mike Davis
Rlo Blog

Resident Liaison Officers, or RLOs, are vital in keeping residents happy. It’s easy to forget that every project comes down to the people involved, and a successful RLO will inform, solve problems, and maintain the peace.

But what are the key features necessary for professional, expert RLO?


The job of an RLO means you’ll have to keep residents informed of any projects or work that could affect their day-to-day life.

It’s important to properly convey this information in a personable, understandable way. There’s nothing worse than being spoken to like a statistic; keep things friendly and easy to understand.


Your time will be spread across many duties: as well as communicating with residents, RLOs will often need to compile weekly reports of complaints and meetings.

By being organised, you can ensure that the workload remains consistent and to a high standard.


Everybody should be treated equally, and this means considering all complaints on an equal footing.

A large part of an RLO’s role is to register complaints and seek solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means taking the time to understand the individual grievances that residents may have.

Problem Solving

Very few issues will have a quick-fix solution, so it’s crucial to be able to approach problems methodically.

Ultimately, customer service is the key responsibility that defines a Resident Liaison Officer’s position. By offering support and seeking results, you’ll perform at your very best.