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Build Recruitment attend Modern Slavery Workshop

13 April 2018 by Nadine Brunswick
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Despite modern employment practices, there are still at least 13,000 slaves in the UK. This, and other vital information, was explored during Wates’ Group Modern Slavery workshop, which Build Recruitment had the privilege of being invited to.

Hosted by a collection of speakers from Wates, Stronger Together and Staffline at The Studio in Birmingham, the event shone a revealing light on the realities of slavery in the UK employment landscape.

A startling 71% of companies believe that slavery exists somewhere within their supply chain, and Wates want to highlight the ways it can be identified.

Unfortunately, the built environment is known for being a primary area where modern slavery occurs. Fields like Demolition and Domestic Construction are key problem areas, and Wates are keen to eliminate the chance of malpractice occurring.

If you have any concerns or suspect malpractice, then call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 012 1700.