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The Future of FM

19 February 2018 by Simeon McTighe

The workforce behind FM make up 10% of the UK’s employed population – an annual revenue of £11 billion.

Despite this, most school-leavers don’t know about the careers on offer to them. Within this big industry, even bigger changes are happening in 2018.

It was only recently that headlines surrounding Carillion spread; the titan’s collapse threw over 30,000 firms’ finances into question. This has led companies to become warier about the cost of contracts; prices might be low, but the risks can mount.

Smaller agencies are attractive, because they specialise in:

  • Bespoke, personalised services
  • Trusting business relationships
  • A clear accountability

Regardless of the size of a company, what I’m seeing is an increase in the requirements for FM positions. From my own experience, I’ve noticed that the Level 4 qualification from the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has appeared often on job specs – the Level 3 award used to suffice. The sector is expanding and with it comes only the top of the top.

It’s not only the companies who have been tasked with identifying the ideal candidates; higher entry requirements mean more skilled entrants, and those entrants demand more from their role. They want:

  • Flexible working hours
  • A consistent level of trust
  • Clear growth within the role

It’s not only the jobs themselves that are evolving; workplaces are changing just as rapidly. Smart buildings are growing in popularity for companies with a modern approach to employment, and buildings that are environmentally suitable and internally varied are commonplace.

In fact, an installation could give insight into the future of a smart workplace: engineers at Arup recently installed what they’re calling a “sentiment cocoon”, into which individuals input their current mood and see a visual representation of the general office atmosphere.

As the year unavoidably flies past, it’s easy to expect these areas to ramp up. As much as recent happenings have been a huge blow for some, the future possibilities and changes within FM mean exciting prospects for those willing to grab them. 

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